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Being a songwriter, it can be so difficult to be vulnerable. Up until this year, most of my songs felt impersonal and standard- but I finally chose to delve into expressing myself.

This song was written quickly- birthed out of emotional tension and pure exhaustion. Throughout my life, as many others do, I've dealt with overwhelming insecurity. Caring about what people think, trying to be the best and comparing myself (and my success) to others. It's so incredibly draining, and such a selfish way of thought. I spent so much time thinking about myself and worrying about my appearance to the point where it stopped me from living out my truth and purpose. THAT was dangerous.

We live in a society full of fear in these ways- and THAT is why I wrote "Blue". "Blue" was a way to poke fun at my own insecurity, and insecurity itself- a message that will hopefully encourage others to live authentically and lovingly. That's all I wanted to do with this song- spread a message of true self-love and inspire others to live freely.

Social media has been detrimental in a lot of ways, and this song talks about that too.

“Everything is fake, everything is Blue

Picture perfect, picture perfect, picture perfect

It shouldn’t matter to me or to you”

It’s so easy to fall into the downward spiral that is “social media”. Not only can it be wonderful, but  we all know that when good becomes abundant, the bad will follow in the same ways- and I think that’s where a lot of people are these days. Likes = worth, followers = friends, & everything in between = feelings of false affirmation. Social media means nothing, yet today it means everything. And because of it, so many problems have come about- jealousy, lack of self-worth, comparison & coveting- it’s just messy. It’s pointless. People face-tune and photoshop due to insecurity or self-objectification (unless it is used STRICTLY for artistic expression, that’s completely different), and it’s heartbreaking. We’re trapped in a cycle that can either be so addicting and dangerously gratifying, or depressing and terribly difficult to endure. All because of what- an app? A platform? Just for digital taps on a screen. Looking at this problem objectively, it’s quite terrifying. BUT with “Blue”, I wanted to address these issues and poke some fun at it. & I’ve seen this quote EVERYWHERE:

“Instagram is just an app on your phone.”

Thankfully over the last year I've learned so much- I've learned how to break free from self-doubt & insecurity by reminding myself of my uniqueness and purpose- prayer also helps a LOT!

So many people struggle with insecurity and it prevents us from being our TRUE selves. We all try to be like one another. Why? Life would be so incredibly boring if everyone was everyone else. Art wouldn't be art, beauty wouldn't be in the eye of the beholder, and it'd be hard to live out our individual purpose. Difference should be celebrated! And that's exactly what this song is about. That's what I truly wanted to encapsulate into this song. It ends on a hopeful note, being a celebration of self-love and discovery. I wanted the lyrics to tell a story of my personal journey from insecurity to comfort & internal peace, while making it as relatable as possible.

I hope you enjoy the song! I am so happy that it’s finally out, and I’ll attach a link below for you to check it out!

Know that you are loved, worthy, known, & beautiful in every way. I love you & your uniqueness! Keep shining bright!

With so much love,

Gina Brooklyn



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