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ALL ABOUT "Just Be"!!!!!

Hi guys!!! LONG TIME NO SEE! Missed u!! But I'm back ;)

Today we are talking all about my new single, "Just Be"! IT'S FINALLY HERE!

*que excitement*

This song means so much to me. I wrote it at the beginning of the pandemic, when crap hit the fan (literally- I think crap has hit everyone's fan), in hopes of bringing peace and comfort to all who listen to it. That was the goal! It was birthed from LOTS of prayer- like LOTS lots. Jesus was the sole inspiration of this song! It was written from the perspective of Him reaching out to those suffering, letting them know that they'd be okay (including myself!!!). He has been my hope during this difficult time.

I've come to the conclusion that my purpose as an artist is to love others through my music, and I felt that this song did a pretty decent job communicating that message, which is why I was so excited to release it!!! It's relaxing & contemplative, yet beautifully simple. Music is such a gift and I love being able to create moods and vibes. It’s a genuine honor & I don't take this responsibility lightly!

I was able to produce this song, mix it, write it (like stated above hehe), play all the instruments + midi stuffs on it, and it was mastered by the INCREDIBLE, Grammy Award-winning Emily Lazar. This song wouldn't have sounded nearly as good without her help! It was humbly created in my basement studio (which now currently resides in my bedroom-woo!), and I am so happy with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it too!

If you haven't heard "Just Be" yet and/or are searching for comfort & peace in some music, this song is PERFECT for your needs.

You can listen to "Just Be" here:




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